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Use NCPMobile to scan the barcodes of items purchased on your shopping trips.
Take surveys and receive updates directly through the NCPMobile app.
Use the reward points you earn for submitting shopping trip reports to redeem for gift cards including, Groupon, AMC, Paypal and more!
Earn bonus rewards with NCPMobile's exclusive panel member games.

Share your shopping opinions, earn points and enjoy great rewards – with the NCPMobile App.

  • Scan and Record Purchases
    Scan the barcodes on items purchased on your shopping trip

  • Take Surveys
    And receive updates directly through the NCPMobile interface

  • Earn Rewards
    Redeem reward points for a great selection of digital gift cards

  • Play Games
    Earn reward point bonuses with exclusive member games

How it works

As a panel member, you will be given access to our exclusive NCPMobile App.

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Scan Barcodes on
Your Purchases

Scan Barcodes on
Your Purchases

You will use NCPMobile to scan the barcodes on all the products you or others in your household purchased during a shopping trip.

Submit Your
Shopping Data

Submit Your
Shopping Data

All of the shopping data you recorded is transmitted to NCP automatically – this is how you earn rewards!

Take Part
In Surveys

Take Part
In Surveys

You will also be invited to take part in surveys and, on certain occasions, special studies that will earn you even more rewards!

Touch. Scan. Earn Rewards!

Every time the NCPMobile App transmits your shopping trip data you earn reward points you can use toward digital gift cards.

Loyalty perks. The more you participate the more you earn

Make An Impact

You provide data
on your shopping

experiences. NCP will analyze this data as well as information from surveys you take.


That data
is shared

with manufacturers and retailers, who use it to make important marketing decisions about the brands they make/sell.


Your data

future shopping experiences for you and other consumers across the U.S.

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