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Please find answers to any questions you may have below. To download our latest NCPMobile App*, click on your preferred device button.


Does it cost anything to join?

No. Panel membership is completely free and completely voluntary. You do not have to pay us anything, and if you are chosen to join the panel, you can cancel at any time.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you complete the signup process, we will review your information. If there is an opening on the panel for a household that matches your demographic profile, we will contact you to let you know you’ve been selected.

What do I use to scan in the barcodes on my purchases?

You will receive access to our panel-exclusive app, NCPMobile, available for select iOS and Android devices.

How long does it take to get selected to participate on the panel?

It depends on how many openings we have for a household with your demographic profile. We have to maintain specific levels on our panel so you could get selected right away, or you could be on our waiting list for a few months. The majority of households that sign up are selected within a month.

What does an NCP Panel Member do?

NCP Panel Members participate in several ways: – By sharing their shopping trip information: Using NCPMobile, NCP Panel members enter details about the items they purchase. This may include store name, price details, whether coupons or club cards were used, and/or how the purchase was paid for and more. – By participating in surveys: Panel members will be invited to take part in surveys on a variety of topics. In any given week you might be asked about snack habits, household cleaners, pain relief products, etc. In most cases, survey participation earns panel members additional rewards. – By taking part in special studies: from time to time, NCP conducts special studies you may be invited to. These could include short or long term “diaries” where you enter details about your daily or weekly consumption of a particular food or drink, or receiving a product to test. Participation in our special studies earns our panel members even more rewards. It seems Panel Membership is alot of work. We do ask for a good amount of information regarding your shopping trips. NCP is the premiere market research company that retailers and manufacturers have come to rely upon to make product availability decisions for consumers such as yourself across the country. They can only make these decisions thanks to the critical information that you share with us.

I tried to sign up, but it said you are not recruiting in my area. Why is that?

We have to maintain specific demographic and geographic levels on our panel. It is possible that we already met our quota for your area. You never know when a spot might open up, so keep coming back to check if we resumed recruiting in your area.

How is NCP different than other market research companies?

NCP is more than just a survey company. While NCP does conduct many important surveys, our primary focus is on collecting information about our panel members’ purchases. By having them scan the barcodes of the purchases they make, we can accurately track for what, where, and when consumers are shopping, as well as how much they are spending. This kind of information is extremely valuable to manufacturers and retailers who are making decisions about what type of brands and products to sell to consumers.

Do you share my personal information with clients?

No. Your personal information is only used to manage your membership account. All personal information is kept confidential by NCP. The only information we share with clients is the shopping data our panel members transmit to us. They will never see your name, address, or contact information. We also do not collect or ask for social security or credit card numbers. You can view our privacy policy by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

I just signed up for National Consumer Panel, but right now I am pretty limited in what I can do. What should I do to get started?

Your first task will be to complete the “Tell Us About You” survey so that we can learn more about your household. To do this tap the button “Get Started” on the home screen and provide the requested information. After completing the survey you will be able to start reporting your shopping trips and earning reward points.

Do I get paid for participating?

You do not receive payment for participating on the panel, but you do earn rewards!


What type of incentives/rewards do NCP Panel Members receive for participating?

For their weekly participation, panel members earn reward points which can be used to redeem for gift cards directly through NCPMobile’s reward section. Panel members can also redeem reward points towards merchandise in our exclusive gift catalog (accessible through our panel member website). Participation also earns panel members automatic entries into most of our sweepstakes for cash prizes and pre-paid gift cards.

What if I get a new mobile device?

If you get a new device, you can still participate on the panel. All you need to do is install the NCPMobile App on your new device, and use your existing ID and password to log in.

What should I know about redeeming my points for gift cards?

NCP offers digital gift cards from: • • iTunes • Google Play • Groupon Similar to other programs in the marketplace, NCP’s current policy is to limit the redemption of points for gift cards to one of each denomination of the gift cards every 30 days.

What is C-Score?

C-Score, short for “Consistency,” is National Consumer Panel’s exciting way of giving you the power to determine your points reward levels. It’s how we reward our most consistent participators so that they can earn more points in a shorter time frame. For more about C-Score and its benefits, View Our Special FAQ.

How high can my C-Score go?

The maximum C-Score a panelist can have is 200.

I made a transmission, but my C-Score hasn’t changed. Why not?

It may take up to 48 hours for your transmission to be processed and reflected in your C-Score. If after 2 or 3 days your C-Score hasn’t changed after a transmission has been made, please contact our Panel Support Center.

I already forgot what the point levels are. Where can I find them in the app?

Tap on the ribbon badge on the home screen to get a refresher on how C-Score works.

What if I’m not going to be shopping this week?

How can I prevent my C-Score from going down? Contact the Panel Support Center and let them know you won’t be buying anything this week. They will note this on your account. Your C-Score will remain unchanged and you will be given 100 points for your continued participation.

What is Spin-to-Win?

Spin-to-Win is our in-app game that lets you earn spin tokens for reporting multiple times in the same week. For every trip you report after your first one you will get a spin token. Use it to spin the wheel and potentially earn a bonus when you make a transmission in the following week. You can earn up to 10 spins a week, and can carry unused spins over from week to week (up to a max of 10 at a time).


What should I scan?

Scan the barcodes on everything you, and/or other members of your household, buy. (In order for our research to be complete, we need to know what everyone in your household is purchasing.) If a product you purchased does not have a barcode, look it up on the Non-Barcoded Items screen and select the item from the list. (Note: Not every product or service that you purchase will be listed; if you do not see what you purchased on the list, you won’t be able to tell us about it. However, please include its price in the total amount spent for the entire shopping trip.) Remember to record “on the go” purchases that may not make it back to your home. This would include items purchased from a vending machine or a convenience store. Online purchases count, too. When purchasing online, scan the product when you receive it. Make sure to select the appropriate “.com” store name for the retailer. (Do not use the “brick-and mortar” store name.) If the “.com” store name is not on your list of stores, choose ONLINE SHOPPING when selecting the retailer.

My Smartphone isn’t working, so I can’t scan anything. What should I do?

If your device is lost or damaged, or you will not have it available for any reason to scan your purchases during the week, make sure to contact the Panel Support Center at 1-800-962-6700 and inform them so you can continue to receive credit for being a member.

My spouse also has a Smartphone. Can we install the NCPMobile App on his/her phone, too?

Sure, you can download the NCPMobile App on any appropriate mobile device in your household. [Note: The NCPMobile App will also work on the iPod Touch (with camera) and the iPad2 and above.] Once the app is installed, just use your existing ID and password to log in. Please remember that the account will remain under the primary member’s name, and that only one transmission per week will count toward earning points.

I’m having trouble scanning a barcode. What should I do?

If you are having trouble with the NCPMobile App recognizing barcodes: Make sure the full barcode is lined up inside the scanning box. Try moving your device closer or further away from the barcode if it isn’t recognized right away. Scanning the barcode from above sometimes works better than scanning from the side. Make sure the camera lens on your device is clean — sometimes smudges or fingerprints can interfere with scanning. Try using the light button if it is enabled for your device. While extra light usually helps, sometimes too much glare can also cause a problem. If all else fails, you can manually type in the barcode. When entering the code manually, make sure to type ALL numbers that show up under the barcode, from left to right.

I shop at the same two or three stores every week. To make it easier to record my purchases, is there a way to make up a list of these stores?

Use the “favorites” feature of the retailer screen so you don’t have to keep scrolling through the list for stores you shop at most frequently. Set up your favorite stores ahead of time (via the Settings screen) so they are already available when you start entering purchases.

How many “other shoppers” can I add to my list?

You may include up to 20 shoppers in your list. The shoppers you add do not have to live in your household. If you shop with someone outside of your household they can be included on the list as well.


How will I know if I have a new survey to take?

Tap the hamburger menu (three lines) in the left hand corner and look for “Take Surveys”; if you see a badge with a number in the corner, it means there are surveys ready for you to take. Please take any surveys right away, because the sooner you respond to them, the sooner you will be rewarded!

What are the benefits of taking surveys?

While scanning your purchases tells us what you bought, participating in surveys provides us with valuable insight into what you think about the products and retailers you chose. Plus it’s another great way to earn reward points.

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